What Are Prohormone Supplements & How Do They Help?

Simply put, these are supplements that cause you to produce more of one particular hormone. Which means they have many uses.

Because they alter hormones some liken them to steroids, but it is important to understand that they alter hormones without using synthetically created substances, as steroids do.

They have many roles to play. They are used when trying to overcome infertility, they can help to improve moods, and manage symptoms of PMT, and they are also major players when it comes to developing muscle.

How do they work?

Prohormone supplements, such as akb-48 market leader Finaflex 1-ANDRO, are often made up of completely natural ingredients such as plant extracts, herbs, minerals or vitamins. They are created to naturally trigger your body into releasing more of the targeted hormone than normal. Because they are simply triggering an increase in that hormone they should not cause any negative side effects. But more on that in a moment.


Based on the above, it would appear that prohormones can have a wide range of benefits, both from a medical and therapeutic point of view. They should be able to cure mood disorders, assist those who are having trouble sleeping, and help women to greatly ease PMT. Serious athletes and weightlifters regularly use them to increase strength, gain lean muscle mass and allow them to increase their endurance.

To push the point to a limit they should even help overweight people to lose weight, and in turn become fitter and healthier. They are seen to be safer than steroids, they are legal, and in relative terms are cheap to purchase.

Any drawbacks?

The problem is that the human body is a very well oiled machine, and in terms of the hormones it produces it is fairly delicate in the sense that it needs to see balance.

If you start ‘forcing’ more of a hormone to be produced there is a possibility that your body will say “that’s it then, no need for me to continue producing xyz hormone, there’s more than enough already.”

If it does this and you stop taking the prohormone supplement you could suffer from a deficiency of that particular hormone simply because your body is not producing it naturally anymore.

Body Balance

We are back to balance again. The body is quite fussy when it comes to deciding what amounts of each hormone you need, and if you start pumping up one of these hormones it may well decrease the natural production of another.

here is also a possibility of prohormones side effects – too much of one hormone could cause physical issues such as hair loss or hair gain, and extreme weight gain or weight loss.

So these supplements do have a place, but you just need to clearly understand what you are trying to achieve. Once understood, and you are comfortable with that, then you stand to receive the associated benefits.

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