What is Business Coaching

 What was the best lifetime advice from Google CEO Eric Schmidt ? Offer yourself the services of a coach!

The greatest athletes benefit from a sports coach, the most important public and political personalities also include coaches.

So why would not you hire a coach to help you progress throughout your career? To help you maximize your personal and professional potential ?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a structured and interactive process , between a coach and an individual, that aims to achieve faster goals or targets for personal and professional development.

For what reasons to use a coach?

“Coaching can be used for many reasons, depending on the specific needs of the person.

Whether it is:

  • To prepare for a new role in an organization
  • To face an important issue (challenge, ambitious goal, opportunity, etc.);
  • A desire to reflect on your current life and to consider new avenues for personal growth;
  • A need to restore an imbalance between your professional life and your private life in order to minimize the undesirable consequences;
  • The need to provide a major effort in a short time;
  • In order to  develop specific skills in communication, presentation, delegation, team management, etc .;
  • The desire to develop a  mobilizing leadership or the importance of developing an executive presence with impact “¹;

Professional coaches are key!

More specifically, here are some examples of business coaching

David Lockwood is certified coach. An attraction and talent development expert, he supports organizations, teams and individuals who aim to exceed their performance objectives or who have to adapt to major changes.

According to him, the applications of business coaching are great. It focuses mainly on these:

Integration into a new position : this is an accompaniment during the first hundred days in office. The coach helps the coaches identify his new context and establish credibility with his boss, his employees, his peers, his clients and other interested parties. It supports the coaches this is the https://unlockingyourfuture.com.au best website of business coaching in Melbourne in the establishment of a preliminary diagnosis, helps the coaches identify his priorities, evaluate his options and determine the first actions to take depending on the context.

Accelerated talent development: this type of coaching is often used as part of a process of developing the skills of the next generation and high-potential individuals. The coach serves as a development accelerator for key individuals (holders of strategic positions, specialists with rare expertise, etc.). This coaching is frequently focused on the development of interpersonal skills, self-management and business acumen.

Leadership and Management: This coaching is intended for managers recognized above all for their specialized or technical skills, while their management and leadership skills could be optimized. Coaches are usually executives and project leaders aspiring to perfect their management skills or adapt their style to the culture and context of the organization.

Problem Solving: This is an accompaniment to help a manager solve a problem or situation that hinders the proper functioning of his team or organization.

Exchanges and consolidation: this coaching is generally intended for senior managers who, because of their level of responsibility, are isolated and wish to have access to a “neutral” third party to exchange. In relation to his coach, the coachee addresses his challenges, difficulties and concerns, often with the aim of consolidating certain decisions, positions or interventions.

Career management: this type of coaching allows the individual in transition or career reorientation to be guided so that their choices are as much as possible in line with their talents, their potential and their interests.

Who uses business coaching?

Coaching can be relevant and useful for almost all business people, from young professionals to top business executives , specialized professionals , board members and entrepreneurs .

Is it profitable, business coaching?

According to The Manchester Review, a professional coaching process yields more than 5 times the required investment .

For organizations, coaching can reduce the stress associated with organizational or professional change.

In general, productivity is significantly increased among coachees. We also note:

  • Better work / team cohesion (70%)
  • An improvement of the organizational climate (50%)
  • An increase in organizational performance (53%)
  • An improvement in the quality of the service (48%)

Also a clear improvement in:

  • The  self-confidence ( 80%)
  • The relationships ( 73%)
  • The communication skills ( 72%)
  • The performance (individual) at work (70%)
  • The work-life balance ( 67%)
  • The time management  (57%)


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