What are the best tweets of 2017?

2017 tweet

This year 2017 may be lucky for every person. As soon 2017 started people gave lots of their tweet and introduced 2017 for themselves in fun and interesting way. 2017 started with a bang in different countries while all the world was celebrating 2017 in a different way. In Dubai, there were firecrackers to been seen all around Burj Khalifa. Whole Burj Khalifa was surrounded by the firecrackers that can be seen going up in the sky.

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Pictures were taken to be posted in the tweets. Millions of tourist gather on the new year night to witness one of the most amazing fireworks in the world after witnessing the most amazing event they post the pictures online.

Donald trump tweet

Donald trump became the president of the America. He is a very regular user of the Instagram and always post controversial tweets over there. Donald trump is famous for their humor on the twitter. He always makes fun of different people on the twitter with funny tweets. This time he was making fun of his daughter. Actually, he was admiring his daughter hard work while making fun of it. Donald trump tweet is worth to be mentioning in the list of best tweets of 2017.

Barcelona vs PSG match tweet

This match is called as one of the matches that would be written down in the history books. According to the first leg of the champions league. The Barcelona was playing on the PSG ground. While playing on the PSG ground. Barcelona was hit by a large number of score. The score was 4-0 this was an impossible score to overcome

Barcelona has to score five goals in the second leg to win the match. When the second match started Suarez instantly scored the goal. The day was already in favor for the Barcelona and later it proved to be lucky day Barcelona went on to win the match by the score of 6-1. The twitter was filled with the tweets of Barcelona and PSG match.

WhatsApp 24 hour story tweet

Recently WhatsApp introduced 24-hour story pattern on the app. The world went crazy they started tweeting how different big companies are taking the fun out of the small apps like snap chat. The 24-hour story is the ace of the Snapshot. The story stays with them for almost 24 hours and after that story gets deleted.

People didn’t admit the fact that it is an admiring feature and adapting it would bring fun to the regular users of the Whatsapp present. According to one of the regular users of the Whatsapp, it is quite relaxing now they don’t have to open others to see hat people are doing. They can do this in one app only.

Logan Movie tweets

Logan would be the last movie of the Hugh Jackman this year. The movie tweet has been revolving around how people are going to miss the Hugh Jackman forever. Since the star was cast for the last time in the Logan. The farewell tweets were too emotional. People were posting how good was the movie and how they couldn’t see any other person adapting the Logan role.

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