TEST of Little Nightmares – The Cachette: A second DLC looking like Inside

It took more than four months to see the debut on PS4 and Xbox One the second additional continuous Little Nigthmares platform game in the mood macabre appeared last April. An expectation all the more frustrating that the first chapter of The Secrets of the Maw concluded quite abruptly, leaving the player puzzled and almost unfulfilled. This penultimate chapter comes to change the situation?

TEST of Little Nightmares The Cachette A second DLC looking like Inside

Running parallel to Six’s quest within the main adventure, this second chapter allows us to re-embody the Fugueur, this nameless and voiceless boy, whose sole purpose is to escape the Hell of The Maw. Finished the wet and cold cellars of the previous chapter, our guy is here in a confined and very dark universe, populated by strange little hooded beings already met by the past: the Nomes.

Find your Nome

These are of paramount importance here. Indeed, the Fugueur will have to go through the different tables of this chapter in order to find all the Nomes who hide themselves and win them to his cause. While some are rather easy to catch, others are much more restive. Once captured, the Nomes are led to follow the player so that they assist him in his progress, to open a door or to shoot a lever high for example. However, it is unfortunate to note that often these small creatures are prevented from walking by a wall, forcing the player to constantly retrace his steps to find the latecomer and put him back on the right path. Infuriating.

The objective of this enlistment is revealed rather quickly in the part: like the susuwatari of the Voyage de Chihiro, the Nomes enrigadés must give theirs to supply coal with a huge boiler which, once sufficiently supplied, triggers a mechanism allowing the Runaway to take the powder off. The dozen Nomes of this chapter can also be found in any order, which will take the player an hour and a half of his time to break everything. It’s more than the previous chapter, but it’s still a bit short for a DLC charged € 3.99 ( € 9.99 for the Season Pass). Especially since the different riddles that dot the game do not lead the player to brainstorm for a long time.

On hot coals

The exploitation of thirds useful to the progression obviously recalls the recent model of the kind, inside, to which Little Nightmares was compared a lot when it was released. And it is in this chapter that these filiations are most manifest, mainly through the artistic direction: many paintings crossed in this DLC remain in monochromatic tones, playing on the light and especially on its absence to create the fright in the player. Nevertheless, where the sleek style of Inside served the purpose around the alienation of the title of Play dead, this chapter of Little Nightmares gives more an impression of deprivation, like his sets, often austere and empty. This is all the more prejudicial that the main game had a good variety of frames and tones.

Fortunately, the sound atmosphere is always as conducive to freeze the blood of the player, thanks to a palette of sounds and sound effects very successful, especially when the danger lurks. This quality is echoed in the progress of the title since the Fugue will have to show discretion and cunning to avoid the blind surveillance of an antagonist well known players. Now If you want to download this PC game or such PC games, then you need to visit fully PC games to download it. FullyPCGamess is all about PC games free download full version for all the games Audience in all over the entire world. Visit us to download free full version of all such games.

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