Telemarketing: the golden rules to argue over the phone

To succeed in a telephone prospection, there is no secret: you have to prepare your argument carefully. Here are some tips to help you pass this step with flying colors.

Make a good script

During a telephone survey , you will only have a few minutes to convince the prospect. It is therefore important to find the right words to immediately hook your interlocutor.

But then, how? For that, a meticulous preparation of the argumentation is essential.
Specifically, before picking up the phone, take the trouble to develop the unwinding of the call, otherwise called script or telephone interview plan.

In addition to serving as a guideline for discussions, it will avoid you scattering and allows you to be more efficient.

It should be remembered that professional marketers devote an average of 50% of their time to preparation. This is to say all its importance.

For the development of your script, make sure you have at hand all the information relating to the target company: its entity sheet, its turnover, the market data in which it evolves …

The objective is to improve the knowledge of your target and to adapt your arguments according to your needs and specificities.

Pass the secretary’s barrage and work your tone.

Also, keep in mind that in large companies, secretaries are often instructed to filter calls.

A measure designed to get rid of uncomfortable solicitors, but which should not put you off. Only here, to pass this first barrier, the choice of your approach is crucial.

By clearly displaying your intention from the outset, you avoid ambiguity and do not risk wasting time unnecessarily on your interlocutor.

Then, once you have the decision maker at the end of the line, continue with the presentation. No need to give your full name or function. Mentioning the name of your company should suffice.

And to be convincing enough, remember that your tone must be firm, resolute and decided.
The tone of your voice should be as expressive as the speech itself.

Be at your best

Another aspect not to neglect: the physical condition . Indeed, if you are not at your best, it will feel in your voice, and you may not be persuasive enough.

In any case, before you start, relax, take a deep breath. Be sufficiently focused. For more information please visit

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