Recommendations Before Installing Solar Panels

Recommendations Before Installing Solar Panels

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Solar panels are one of the best solutions for self-supply or to use as an energy support system and thus reduce our electricity or heating bill. The placement of solar panels requires an initial investment that is amortized over time; normally manufacturers claim that within a period of 5-7 years.

Before installing solar panels it is advisable to take into account a series of factors:

In the first place, we must determine if we really need the solar panels, and if the installation of these will really allow us to save on our energy bill . In the end, the commitment to other energy supply systems should be marked by savings and, perhaps, in our house, for whatever reason (there are not enough sunny hours, for example) it is not advisable to go to the solar panels and it may be more advisable to put a wind turbine.

From what we have just said, it is also very important that you really know what is the amount of energy you consume in your home, so that you can know with certainty how many panels you should install and thus get the extra energy you need. For this, you should also know the amount of average radiation that exists in the area where you want to install the solar panels, and the capacity of these.

On the other hand, we must be very clear about the “size” of our installation, that is, how much energy we need and plan to produce, and how many panels are necessary for this. If you are going to do a small installation simply to generate a bit of heat for the living room, one or two panels that store a bit of energy will suffice. On the other hand, if you want an installation that produces energy to be self-sufficient, you will need an inverter or external source of support, in addition to a greater number of solar panels.

The next thing would be to know well about the solar panels themselves, since there is a great lack of knowledge about solar energy in general and solar panels in particular. As with any other product, not all solar panels or solar panel manufacturers are the same . We must go to a company of proven reputation, where they help us with everything necessary for the installation, for example, recommending which types of panels are more suitable, fixed or mobile, or how many panels have to be placed to achieve the level of supply we want.

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Other of the fundamental factors on which solar panels depend is their location, orientation and inclination. The location, obviously, should be a place where the sun’s rays strike as many hours as possible. In addition to choosing a good place, the solar panels must be correctly oriented to take advantage of the greatest number of sunshine hours in the area. And, of course, they must have a correct inclination to collect as much solar radiation as possible. Without meeting these requirements, we will probably waste much of the performance that solar panels are able to offer.

About the orientation we will tell you, that it is obvious that it is always towards where the sun’s rays affect for a longer time of hours. This includes orienting them in the right direction and with the proper inclination. In addition, it is advisable to avoid all those elements that may hinder the reception of solar rays by the panels, such as trees, vegetation and like no other buildings that may be higher than your house or the building in which you live.

If you can buy solar panels do not have an excessively complicated installation and maintenance. In any case, if you do not see yourself able to do the installation yourself, always go to a company that ensures a correct installation (if necessary, research on them in forums or websites). We hope you have luck in your purpose and that it is the first step to a clean and respectful self-supply with the environment.

Anyway, we are going to explain to you next, how you can install your own solar panels by yourself.

How to install solar panels yourself

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If you want to be able to install the solar panels by yourself, you should buy those that are also efficient and easy to install, as well as not being too aesthetically unpleasant.

Perhaps the most advisable thing is that you buy those from a company called Ready Solar, which has a simple panel installation and that we can do for ourselves.

This company sells panels that are known asĀ  standardized modules of solar energy so that they can encourage the use of solar panels in houses, and that their installation and maintenance is quite simple, as we are going to explain next.