Race 3 Movie 2018

Under 5 points, understand how Race 1 and 2 differ from Salman Khan’s race-3


The multi-starrer film Race-3 is ready to release in the month of Eid in June. Salman Khan is associated with Race Franchise for the first time, and there is tremendous craze among his fans. Race full of powerful action and Thriller 3 – Talk of the Town at the moment. Race 3 trailer is still a trending topic on YouTube and social media.


Race-3 is being called the best and biggest film of race franchise in many respects. Budget, Starcast or Action, in every case Salman Khan Race 3 Movie is a step forward from the previous films. The evidence for which the audience has been seen in the trailer. Let’s know how Salman’s Salman Khan Race 3 Movie is different from Race 1 and Race 2?


# 1. Starcast


First of all, talk about race-3 of Starcast. Salman Khan is the biggest star in the film. They are in the lead role. Salman was not ready for the first movie. He felt that he was not worthy of such action thriller films. According to reports, after talks with the producers and a slight change in the story, Salman agreed to the film. Apart from Salman, Jacqueline, Anil Kapoor, Shabik Salim, Bobby Deol, are an important part of Daisy Shah Salman Khan Race 3 Movie. Anil Kapoor appeared in the three films of Race Franchise. Jacqueline was also seen in Race 2. This time Jacqueline Lead is a heroine in Salman Khan Race 3 Movie. Apart from Salman, Bobby Deol has a lot of hype. They are going to do a lot of kickbacks with Race-3.


#2. Budget


Race-3 budget is many times more than race-1 and race-2. Makers at the film’s locations and action sequences have spent money like water. Many international quality stunts have been used in the film. Prior to the release, co-producer Ramesh Taurani has also sold the film for Rs 190 crore. According to the report, Eros International offered a proposal of Rs 190 crore to the producers to buy the film. It has a minimum guarantee of 160 million rupees for Worldwide Distribution Rights.


# 3 direction


Race-3 has been directed by Remo D’Souza. While the last two films of Race Franchisees were directed by Abbas-Mustan Please tell, this is the first action movie that Directed by Remo.


# 4. Action Scenes


Race franchisee films are known for their tremendous action sequences. But in the race-3, action-level level will be seen at much higher levels than the previous parts. In the trailer of Salman Khan Race 3 Movie, Salman looked stunts from ground to air. Not only Salman, every artist of the film has been seen stunts. The trailers also witness the fight scenes of Jacqueline and Daisy Shah. The estimation of how powerful the stunts are from a scene in the trailer, where Dabang Khan is seen firing missiles with his own hands. In the social media, there is a discussion of the action sequence of Salman Khan Race 3 Movie. Let’s tell that the shooting of Salman Khan Race 3 Movie has also happened on overseas locations like Bangkok, Abu Dhabi.


# 5. Climax


The news is that the people who work in the film, including Salman Khan, are not aware of what the race-3 climax will be. The director has shot several climax films. So nobody knows what will be the last twist of the film’s story. All the race movies always keep their suspense till the end. In such a situation, Salman Khan Race 3 Movie’s suspense should not be revealed, it has been hard work.

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