Phrases and Messages of Good Short Nights

This time it’s time to create a very nice and special top, one that will be created to wish a good rest to those people you love, today we will compile phrases and good night messages. We want to include in these dedications, a lot of love and best wishes, we want to make you happy, because our goal is that, and we will achieve it if we make it possible for those who send one of our dedications to be happy about it.

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  • May God bless you tonight! I wish you to rest comfortably and have happy and comfortable dreams.
  • I’m going quietly to sleep, and I’ll do it more calmly than ever because I know that in my dreams you’ll be.
  • I wish my love that on this night you have beautiful dreams, that you rest, and may God bless you again.
  • Tonight I have asked my guardian angels, and yours, to take care of your dreams. I love you!
  • That tonight you serve to rest, be reconfirmed, and wake up full of energy. Short good night messages
  • I hope you’ve had a nice day, I hope you dream of me tonight. Goodnight dear!
  • I wish that on this night the most beautiful star guides you towards the most beautiful and warm dreams.
  • Remember before going to sleep, leave your problems outside, and enjoy a very quiet night.
  • You should know that writing you these phrases of a good night, make me rest very happy.
  • I hope you receive these messages every night with open arms, come to give you hugs of love.
  • Thanks to you, I am going to enjoy the best night of my life, since I will sleep with hope and lots of love.
  • Before sleeping, I will close my eyes and imagine that I enter your window, I clothe you, and I look at you while you sleep.
  • To all those who have not seen me today, I ask for tranquility, tomorrow I intend to continue living. Good night!
  • Give me a good night kiss; he will be the one to make me sleep peacefully, at ease, and at peace. I love you!
  • I would love to have thousands of short dreams tonight, to dream that in each of them you kiss me.short good night phrases
  • Good evening friends, may God share a happy night for each one of you, bless you with his light.
  • I ask that in my dreams you paint me some wings and that they are the ones that take me flying to your room.
  • All the wishes I can name for you that I want would fall short. I hope we dream of love.
  • When the night comes I am so afraid of not dreaming, that I try not to sleep and play to imagine you.
  • I want to send you hundreds of kisses and millions of hugs that at every moment give you all my love.
  • I hope the day arrives that I stop writing you messages and phrases, then I will be happy, you will live with me, you will be here.
  • I like to write you messages and phrases of a good night, but more I would like to give them to your side.
  • I hope that tonight is that short space of time, in which your life changes to a dream life.
  • Before sleeping me imagine you, while I sleep I dream you, and when I wake up I think about you. Goodnight love!

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  • With your presence in my days, you make them short; in your absence, the nights are the longest. Good night!
  • Tonight everything possible has conspired to enjoy the best night of your life. Goodnight! Good night phrases
  • I hope that you spend the best night of your life and that tomorrow you are replenished with energy to receive so much love.
  • I ask you to let me steal you tonight in my dreams; it will be temporary, only until I sleep with you. Good night messages
  • Dear, I have asked my guardian angels to accommodate you and take care of your dreams, to make you happy.
  • It hurts to wish you one more night again, but I’ll leave with the illusion that one day you’ll sleep next to me.
  • I am sure that on waking tomorrow I will be the happiest woman in the world, I will have dreamed about you dear.
  • A calm and trusting conscience is the best pillow, so tonight I think I’ll rest very well.
  • Today is one of those nights when I love the world so much, that I wish everyone good night.
  • I am sure that from this night your dreams will begin to come true. Goodnight!
  • This night will be fresh, that’s why I send you my biggest and warmest wishes so that they can clothe you.
  • How short are my dreams, when I dream of you, I hope they are much longer today?
  • If you knew everything that I beg God, tonight you would go to bed with more illusion than ever. I love you!
  • Tonight I plan to sneak into your dreams, kidnap you, and bring you to mine. I think I’m evil, very evil.
  • I am glad that you are the one who receives my messages and phrases, that you are the one who makes happy every night.
  • In the distance, it hurts to wish you, but the reward will be the best thing of my life, for that reason I will rest happy.
  • Good evening prince, that night will smile and give you a comfortable and restful I need you.

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