Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Melbourne and the Yarra Valley Wine Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to Victoria

A couple of weeks ago I had a one-month vacation in Australia, mainly in Melbourne. It was my third trip to this city and the best so far. It seems that every time I visit Melbourne, always discover something new and this time were excellent wineries in the area. I was thrilled with my friends about all the excellent wines I had tasted during my visit. Therefore, on this request, I write this guide for travelers from Melbourne with special emphasis on their delicious wine.

Only on any visit to Melbourne, I highly suggest the first time visitors take a day or two to explore this magnificent city. Among all major cities in Australia, once again it is a special attraction for the world-weary tourist and traveler. As locals say, Melbourne may mean different things to different people. It may seem strange at first, but there is always something that is strangely familiar and in some way reminds the visitor’s migrant home. That is why they call Melbourne a chameleon city.

Melbourne is a city with different cultures and remarkable contrasts. Here, different groups have learned to coexist comfortably with each other. For example, the Italian quarter and Chinatown are adjacent to each other.

Whether your lifestyle is on the beach or bohemian, Melbourne has something you like, whether it’s food, wine, art, style, customs, nightlife, business or beliefs.

When you are ready to start your wine route, the place to start is Yarra Valley, a wine district began to make wine at the end of the nineteenth century. Its cool climate and rich soil is ideal for the production of dry red wine, Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Among the excellent little wineries are Yeringberg, Yarra Yering, St. Huberts, Sevilla Estate and Coldstream Hills.

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Try offering vineyards like the Bortoli, Yarra Yering and Domaine Chandon (sparkling wine). You can have lunch at one of the vineyards and spend the night in the area where there are a number of first class hotels with luxury accommodation travel with https://citychauffeurcars.com/yarra-valley-wine-tours/ to enjoy your Yarra Valley Wine Tour .

On the second day, you start with a hearty breakfast (Yarra Valley offers the popular opportunity to have breakfast in a balloon while navigating in the sky, are you interested?) Before going to the Healesville Shrine, see koalaer, kangaroos, wallabies and native platypus. A bit further you will go to the Mornington peninsula and its 30 wineries. There are good accommodations in the area to stay overnight.

On his third day, ate breakfast and taste wine at Karina Vineyard, head to Dromana Estate for lunch and try more wines. The combination of the sea, the cool climate and excellent volcanic soil in the area contribute to the production of fine pinot noir and chardonnay. Spend the night in the surroundings.

In its fourth day, with its route of wine tasting, you may want to take the ferry to Queenscliff for a trip at Great Ocean Road before returning to Melbourne.

If you are going to visit Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, you should also visit the Yarra Valley.