Difference between callus, fell silent, fell and fell

When we make use of our language ability through the concretization of the language, better known as “speech,” many things can happen and, among that world of possibilities, mistakes are made quite often. There are words difficult to pronounce, others are complicated to write, and others are often confused because they share certain similarities or are homophones . It is for this reason that it is very important that the person who wishes to communicate, whether orally or in writing, has a clear idea of ​​the definition of each word he uses; regardless of how similar it may be to another.

Difference between callus, fell silent, fell and fell

Since it is not possible to cover everything at once, then we have decided to clarify what is the difference between fell, fell, quiet and calloused; terms that are often used indistinctly and what is good to know why they are different, in order to avoid any confusion.


The word callo (without tilde) presents two definitions, on the one hand it could refer to the verb “to be silent”; more specifically, to the first person singular present indicative of said verb; while it could also refer to that type of injury that is formed when the skin rubs something regularly.

Examples of Sentences:

  • He went to climb the mountain and from so much walking came three tripe .
  • Call it so you can talk.
  • Callus
  • On the other hand, “quiet” with tilde is limited solely and exclusively to a verbal form of “shut up”; to be more precise it corresponds to the third person singular of the past tense of the verb before mentioned.

Examples from the word callo:

He stopped short the moment he heard that some strangers could hear him.

The woman fell silent before revealing the secret.

it fell

On the other hand, if the term “cay” is treated with “and” instead of “ll” and without tilde at the end, then we mean those small islands; usually rocky or sandy, abounding in the Antilles.

Examples from the word cayo:

  • Cayo Arena is a place very visited by tourists from all over the world.
  • The ship crashed against one of the keys.
  • It fell
  • Finally, if the term “fell sielent” with tilde in the “o”, then it is one of the forms of the verb “to fall”; specifically it is about the third person singular of the past perfect of that verb.

Examples in which the word is used fell:

  • The boy fell into the river while carrying the basket of flowers.
  • Everyone laughed as she fell to the floor.
  • He seemed sober until he fell and began to make a fool of himself.
  • In the end, they are words with different meanings.

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