Do You Know Where is World Best Cookie Dough Shop Located?

Heaven is at Worlds best cookie dough nyc, the modern fit to be edible cookie dough eatery based in New York, United States. Our dough is eggless and one hundred percent secure to eat immediately from the bowl- the exceptional way to devour it, of route. Each piece is made fresh daily and by not using any preservatives, by using high-quality fresh ingredients. Come on in and grasp a spoonful! After gaining too much knowledge and doing research of edible cookie dough, we thought yes – this is all we need to do and to introduce to the people with our creative taste of edible cookie dough. That is what we should do. Open our own safe to eat cookie dough shop right here in the heart of New York City. And so, we did. And many people told us we had been crazy, because there are already few known cookie dough shops right here in New York City, but now we knew that if people have been thinking we have been out of our minds, it changed into likely due to the fact we were directly to our strong idea guaranteed to work and introducing variety of flavors of cookie dough and techniques involved in cookie dough. By now we knew, dreams do come proper. has a large variety of flavors, from chocolate chip to gluten sensitive to red velvet, we want each customer to discover the flavor that speaks to them. Forestall in for your next go to the region – or plan a go to particularly to come and see us – and fill a cup with heavenly fit for human consumption cookie dough in its most in reality scrumptious, unbaked state!

Worlds best cookie dough nyc also offers customizable Cookie Dough, how is it work exactly? Well, think of a self-serve frozen yogurt shop, What you do there? You go and you pick your yogurt flavor and then your toppings to put on the top. It’s the same right here at Worlds best cookie dough. Pick your dough base from a variety of base Cookie Dough flavors, and then a topping or any two toppings to be sprinkled on top of the cookie dough. You are the Master Chef of your kind and you make a masterpiece to satisfy your own cravings!

If you’re a Cookie Dough fan then you’ve arrived at the right place! Welcome to Worlds best cookie dough, a dessert shop specialized in customizable, 100% safe-to-eat raw Cookie Dough. Our dough is made fresh for every order, and never includes eggs or raw flour to ensure it’s safe to eat. You can put it on ice cream, you can make cookie dough truffles, you can use it as frosting, you can have it as a cone or burger cookie, you can lick it off your finger- the creative possibilities are endless! So, forget the oven and old baking methods, and grab a spoon, people! Worlds Best Cookie Dough is the real heaven on Earth!

Yup its true that our safe-to-eat, indulgent treats could be straight from a tub, munched on a cone or taken home to dig into world best cookie dough later. Below are some of the frequently asked questions by people, have a look and enjoy your uncooked cookies soon with Worlds best cookie dough nyc:
Is bare dough absolutely safe to eat raw?
Sooner or later a few cookie dough which is indeed safe to consume uncooked or unbaked. We can read your thoughts and you can eat your doughy delights without any fear.
Does it contain Raw egg?
Nope, we have reserved our eggs for our best protein intake for sports activities days. None were left for our cookie dough sadly Hehe! Bye bye salmonella!
What approximately the flour, is it uncooked?
Our flour has been heat-treated especially, which make food-born illness a bye-bye element and make it safe to eat for consumers.
Do you have got any vegan doughs?
Sure! We have released many and few are coming soon, few have became certainly popular. You can check out our menus for details!
How long I can store my cookie dough?
You can put it out of the fridge for hours!
You can refrigerate it for 2 weeks if you take it to home!
Or even it could be freezed for as much as three hundred and sixty five days!

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