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If there is a name you know in the world of web hosting, Bluehost is probably leading with Hostgator and A2Hosting. It started in 1996, which makes it old by Web standards, but I still love it.

In this publication, I take it behind the scenes and show it through my account. I will also share a special offer for manual hosting visitors only at the end of this page (you can get a price of $ 2.95 instead of the usual get $ 3.95 / month). Bluehost promo code My products

Bluehost My products

Once you’ve read this review, you’ll know what to expect from Bluehost and (just as importantly) what you can not expect.

Over the decades, you have earned a reputation for WordPress hosting in particular.

Listed as one of the recommended hosting providers for WordPress blogs, they offer a variety of great tools, bonuses, and resources for WordPress clients.

Ready to find more? We will look at the details in our review Bluehost. But let’s start with some facts first.
If you are looking for something cheap and easy, shared hosting is probably what you need. This is what most beginners and small businesses buy. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, suitable for large business enterprises that need total control over their resources.

VPS hosting

With dedicated hosting, you rent a physical server. VPS hosting is an intermediate option, where it uses a physical server with others, but it has its virtual operating system so that the server works as you would physically. Of course, WordPress hosting is, as it seems, optimized hosting for WordPress customers. Let’s take a look at the plan levels for everyone.

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Shared Hosting

Beginners: Starting at $ 3.49 per month, this package rises to $ 7.99 per month at regular price.
In addition, this plan is regularly $ 10.49 per month.
Business Pro: This plan costs $ 23.99 per month.These prices are all very good. But with this offer, you can make sure you get the best price! bluehost coupon 2018 At startup level, you get a website with 100GB of storage and bandwidth. You also get one domain, five parked domains and 25 subdomains. Other features include 100 e-mail accounts, each with 500 MB of storage space and $ 50 in marketing offers.

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