Baby Equipment: What Is Really Useful!

3 slogans: Consume smart, sparingly by not letting too much attracted by the tempting sirens of the consumption of colorful material and so nice of childcare, and think evolutionary! Many people asked Mom what it really was worth to have equipment when I saw 2 children. So we decided to do some sort of selection of what we think is really useful! Knowing that everything else is often offered, given, transmitted by relatives (family, friends etc.). Well it’s not a Bible and opinions vary .

Mum she would say that the material is a matter of taste (fuchsia or purple the rattle?), Of utility or need (the irrepressible one to buy the 27th body from “It is organic cotton”, or the umpteenth nipple attachment), see a question of space, (well yes without stroller room, it becomes a hassle when you live on the 5th floor without elevator!) … but what it takes above all c is patience, time and a lot of love! (It’s beautiful huh!)
And then for the comforters, soon you can order them to Mom: unique comforters with recycled fabric pajamas babies especially !! Well yes it’s a market childcare!
Lou would say to you: nappies, pacifier, sleeping bag and breast of Mom, and according to Papa: diapers, wipes and a little spoon enough! (For the breast of Mom there is like that would say the competition!)
In any case, it’s not wrong! – But we must recognize that 2 or 3 little things make life easier for everyone and we call it commonly: childcare equipment or stuff for baby / child-who spend a lot of money on parents ! Unless we play it smart and think a little before cracking in the first store ..

Full Of Useful Material! List:
Good absorbent diapers : it avoids many disastrous changes (overflows, especially when you have no spare body etc) and having to wear the t-shirt of his brother as pants when his is ruined and full of fairy matter stalls !!
different morphology – we are very satisfied. We are not yet in the spirit washable diaper but good free to test you, despite the long-term economy and ecological impact, we have not joined .
The most natural wipes possible ie with the least products listed on the composition record: no parable, separability, glycerol …
Given the number of times they are used, although Maiman prefers the shower and the tap / gloves / product without soap and parable … the wipes is handy as we move, fate etc. It is not used only for the buttocks! After a chocolate cake, a fall in the sandbox, it’s handy!

Good bottles without phosphates and bis phenol A of course!
Many brands exist, but many of us have the same: the Dodies of baby bottles blue, turquoise, purple and pink … quite round, with a good capacity, but with a fault the screw that made us all the shot of “eh bah no I was not closed well” and suddenly leak !! But very good bottles that we hold well in hand and I used solo from 6-7 months.
But Mom’s favorites Green to grow – compact – green and not too expensive!
– Tiny spoons all sweet for the beginning of diversification

Those melamine, silicone, colorful, part of the set with the plate and bowl. Enjoy! But the small spoons in stainless steel, not expensive sold by 6, not too wide for small mouths of babies are super practical and will have a longer life…
– An evolutionary high chair that takes up little space and is pretty enough: because she will stay a few years in the place of life and we see it all the time! So take the design if you want, with a tray to put food and that supports enough the weight of a baby! Exit the chairs that are fixed on the edge of the table that is not used very long … because weight limit = empty stored in the basement or garage sale. We opted for a Gather cheaper than the Stoke and enough design also with tablet..
– An easy-to-clean changing table with edges that hold baby and prevent him from rolling. Knowing that you never leave a baby without supervision on a table / changing mat!!!!
As for the high chair, as it is much better used than at the level of design, color and convenience of cleaning it is at the top! The fabric is pretty, but in case of leakage, overflow is really not ideal. Or we put a towel on it and then exit the “pretty fabric” side we hide.
But especially that it is high enough positioned not to break the back by folding in 2 and especially it must be in front of baby not to twist his back when changing!
But a good towel on a bed that can do it too…

 A smart stroller and not overpriced!
Smart means removable – because the cleaning of a stroller is essential – especially in case of a small accident gastro etc – especially if you want to transmit it, sell it too!

Not too heavy – because as soon as you’re a city dweller it’s our main car and we leave it, go back regularly … we get on the bus, by tram, see we go up stairs and we go down. Have the courage and the arms to try the metro experience. One day I will write a post on this mode of transport top, but my rage side accessibility for children in stroller, wheelchair and all those who can not move easily on their legs!
Not too expensive because it is a budget as soon as you take it with the hull, the base to clip it in the car .. But it must also be compact, safe, well equipped, and in this account the best report quality price that mom found is the baby equipment at my deal.

But if you do not need a stroller in the beginning, opt for the wrap. – A porting scarf
Without being pro-mothering at all costs, it is still ideal both indoors and outdoors to walk with baby, have your hands free and take all the public transport without being rotten. It is crazy besides: when we are in stroller people greet us with suspicion, reprobation, annoyance, while when we are in a sling with Mom, then we are given the place, Mom is entitled to smiles and so on. We are going to say that it is due to the joyful colors of the porthole scarves.

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