100 Billion Neurons in a Brain

The brain is undoubtedly the most complex organ of the human body. The neurons that compose it reveal a little of their secrets, but dropper! Research is accelerating to understand the processes of degeneration. She even discovered recently that we had neurons in … the intestine!
Our brain would contain 100 billion neurons a lot of people ask this question how many neurons are in the human brain. But no certainty on this number. Evaluations vary because no one has actually counted the neurons one by one in a brain. Only an extrapolation can approach the number, which remains … approximate! While the symbolic number of 100 billion seemed to be unanimous, a Brazilian researcher announced last spring that a brain was actually composed of 86 billion neurons. The case was debated, because if 14% less cells do not really make a difference in another organ of the human body, 14 billion represent the total brain neurons of a baboon! So the question was whether we overestimated our intellectual abilities …

Neurons in a Brain

Neurons are not quite like other cells. First, they do not divide like other cells do. Degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, or traumas make us lose, that we can not replace, but the body continues to produce new ones throughout adult life. These neurons are formed from the beginning of the embryo at a rate of more than 500 per minute and the production decreases once the 100 billion reached.

The nucleus of the neuron is capped with dendrites ?? 7000 on average per neuron ?? and extended an axon. Neurons connect to each other to exchange signals through synapses. A neuron emits an electrical signal that elicits the production of a neurotransmitter, for example serotonin or dopamine. Recovered by a neighboring dendrite, this neurotransmitter is in turn transformed into an electrical signal and so on. A neuron has 10,000 synapses on average. But nobody has yet managed to model this interconnection system, too complex for our computers or our brains!

Contrary to popular belief, it seems that there is not a center of thought in the brain visit https://itspsychology.com if you want to learn more about human brian. However, there are some 100 million motor neurons, sensory and inter-neurons in the digestive tract, which make up the enteric nervous system! This “brain of the abdomen” sends information to the brain via the vagus nerve, but could also function autonomously, without receiving “head” instructions.

And if finally it was our whole body which was endowed with a relative “intelligence”, able to emit warning or enthusiasm signals, to repair itself or to get sick according to the situations that it meets ?

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